Download and Install Viva TV APK v1.3.9 latest official for Android,smart tv,Firestick,PC

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Viva TV apk is a free video-on-demand android based application. It provides both movies and TV shows all for free. It is a great place to watch all of your favorite content at one location. So You will find latest released both movies and TV shows with high quality. You can download viva tv apk on your device.

Back in the days people watch their favorite movies on television. All you need to have a cable connection. But You need to wait for your favorites to stream on air. Nowadays this is not possible to sit in front of TV for hours to watch both movies and TV shows.

Video-On-Demand applications are trending in entertainment community. They offers both movies and TV shows to its users to watch. You can watch any movie or TV show on demand whenever and wherever you want to watch them.

With these demand there are a bunch of apps came into the market. You can try all of them but only a handful will help you with their content. But One of the most popular app os Viva TV APK. It offers unlimited entertainment content to its users. You can even use Cyberflix as its alternative.

download viva tv apk

Why you need Viva TV APK ?

You need to some money to use an service. Nothing comes for free. So You need to pay subscription amount to watch movies and TV shows. But You can’t take cable TV with you every where to watch movies and TV shows.

So You need to have video-on-demand application on your smart phone to watch multimedia content. But If you search on web you will find many streaming applications. Some popular ones are Amazon, Netflix, HBO. They offer decent content. They have almost all movies and TV shows.

You can watch high quality content on it. But On the other side of coin you need to pay subscription amount. So You need to pay it repeatedly to use the services. This is a huge amount for people. So you will search on internet for streaming links.

Definitely you will find many links to watch both movies and TV shows. But most of them are not satisfy you. You will end up clicking wrong links. You will get all the premium links on Viva TV. It also offers all the content for free.

Viva TV acts like a google search engine. It gathers all the trusted streaming links from the web for you. Its content is organized very well in separate both movies and TV shows. It has millions of users due to its amazing content.

You can also try alternative app Cinema HD APK. Viva TV updates frequently with latest content. So You will never ran out of content. It also supports some advanced features like Real debrid and Trakt TV.

What are Viva TV APK specifications ?

viva tv apk specifications

You are going to know basic details about this amazing app. These specification details helps you better understanding about this app. These includes size, version, category and other details.

Many apps faces compatible issues while installing. You can install it on any platform including android powered devices but not limited to any one platform. You will also install other platforms with the help of android emulators.

Name Viva TV
Version v1.3.9
Size 17 MB
Type APK
Compatible version Android 5+
Category Entertainment
Platform Android OS

Download Viva TV APK

What are the best features of Viva TV APK ?

This topic won’t complete without discussing about the amazing features of this amazing app. So No app succeed in the competitive field without gaining user trust. But That trust won’t gain easily. It is continuous process.

Viva TV APK also has the cool features to satisfy users. It has all the features that one needs in the entertainment app. Although the features are limited but still satisfying and effective features are incorporated.

Here we will discuss most imported user friendly features. So You definitely need to try all the available and needed features. By using these features you will experience the next level of entertainment experience.

viva tv apk features

Offline content

You can watch movies and tv shows not only online but also offline. You can also download any of your favorite movie or tv show. This feature will help you to watch movies again and again. It will also skips buffering and low internet connection and some other issues.


Is supports one of the advanced feature that other streaming apps not support is calendar notification feature. It will notify you the upcoming movies and tv shows in advance so that you can plan your daily schedule to spend some time to watch the entertainment content.


With chromecast feature you can watch movies and tv shows on bigger screen. So It is most anticipated feature in many modern devices. As this allows to cast favorite content from your smart phone to big screens like smart tv, Fire stick and many other devices.


This search feature reduces your search time drastically. But To find your favorite movie or tv show you need to search through whole library. Even after filtering the content you need to scroll down pages to find your favorite media. So You just search anything on search bar you will get it instantly.


Who don’t want subtitles while watching movies or tv shows. As we are moving towards globalization it broke the country boundaries and allows every one to watch other country movies and tv shows. As the language is different from your native you can use the help of subtitles to enjoy the entertainment media.

Light version

It is not occupy much of your device storage. It is very light app compared to others on your device. You can also delete the physical file after installing to accommodate more space.


After updating to newer version you won’t lost any of your preferred settings. So It is hard to remember and restore all the features. But this app supports backup feature. You can also backup all he settings and history and restore it after updating to latest version.


Many apps does’t distinguish or categorize the content into different sections. So It is difficult to find your movie or tv show. But You won’t face this challenge here content is organized in a very well manner. Both Movies and TV shows are categorized in different sections.

How to install Viva TV APK ?

Viva TV APk is an online streaming application. It gathers all the media links from all over the web to its users. As it is not a play store app you need to sideload this app on your device. The installation process is a two step process. First you need to enable unknown sources on your device and download the apk file then in second part you need to install the same on your device.

Then only difference comes in the installation process compared to other play store apps. Install from unknown sources is turned off by default for security reasons. So You need to enable it manually to install this app.

how to install viva tv apk

How to download and install Viva TV APK on smart phone ?

Most of the smart phones are powered by android. Viva TV apk is an android powered apk. You can also easily install it on smart phone. You will have many entertainment apps on your smart phone but none beats Viva TV APK.

It has hugh collection of entertainment library. If your a big fan of movies and tv shows this app should have in your top entertainment apps collection. By this app on your smart phone you will never ran out of movies and tv shows.

You can easily install it on your device just like any other third party android applications. So Follow the below simple installation steps.

  • Turn on your smart phone.
  • Go to settings >> privacy protection>>special permissions>>Install unknown apps>>Allow from this source.

install unknown apps

  • Download the latest viva tv apk from below link.

Download viva tv apk

  • Once download tap on install.

install viva tv apk

  • Now open Viva TV apk on desktop to watch your favorite both movies and tv shows.

viva tv apk on desktop

How to download and install Viva TV APK on Amazon Firestick ?

Now people are preferring smart tv over the conventional television. You can operate conventional tv with only cable but the smart tv can be operated from cable and internet and many other popular ways. It also supports many other entertainment features.

Amazon has released Fire TV/ Firestick. You can use it in many ways by using cable, internet. You can even install apps on your device Which in turn works as a smart phone for you. But It has its own play store called amazon store.

You will find all the popular apps on this store. As Viva TV APK is a third party apk you need to download it with the help of a browser and install it on your device. You need to enable unknown sources to install the app.

  • Turn on your Fire stick device. Go to settings.
  • click on My Fire TV.

  • Go to Developer options.

  • Turn on apps from unknown sources.

  • Click on Turn On.

  • Now go to search bar and search for Downloader browser.

  • Install it on your device.

  • Open Downloader and go to browser section enter the URL . It will start downloading the apk file.

  • After completion of download tap on to install.
  • Now go to apps section and open Viva TV APK to watch movies and TV shows.

How to use Viva TV APK ?

You won’t find any difficult in using this amazing app. Its user interface is very simple. It is not stuffed with all the unwanted features. You will find minimum but effective features on home screen.

Content is well differentiated in Movies , TV shows and HD releases. You can even search your favorites in search bar without scroll down to pages.

  • Movies, TV shows and HD Releases organized in separate sections.

  • You will find search bar at the bottom to search movies and TV shows.

How to get latest Viva TV APK ?

Viva TV APK releases updated versions frequently. These latest version will have many new features and fixes some bugs. You need to update your older version regularly to experience seamless smooth entertainment experience.

When there is an update you will get notification on home screen. You can uninstall older version and replace it with the latest version. You can download the latest version from below links.

Download Viva TV APK
  • Go to Menu.

  • Tap on Check Update.

We came to the conclusion here we have discussed all the important things about Viva TV APK. We explained all the details starting from specification to till the updating of this app. You can start installing the app and explore the features. If you still face any issues with the app you can reach us in comment section. We will respond immediately.

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