Cinema HD APK on PS3 & PS4 [ Latest 2022]

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cinema apk on ps4 & ps3
Cinema APK on PS3 & PS4

Download Cinema HD APK

Are you a PS3 & PS4 user and looking for free streaming application ?

But … Don’t worry here you can find most popular Cinema HD APK.

Cinema APK is a video-on-demand application. It updates its content with latest Movies and TV shows much earlier than its competitors.

It mainly used for gaming purpose. Because you know it uses high end graphics to give ultimate experience to its users. Now its leveraging its potential to multimedia also. It offers multimedia content on it.

If you are looking for some decent application to watch your favourite Movies and TV shows on PS3 & PS4 device. Then Cinema HD APK is the best choice . So most of the users recommended this for streaming.

What is PS 3 and PS 4 ?


Sony has released the play station 3 and play station 4 devices into the market. They are mainly used for playing games. Because they give real time experience to users.

PS4 has advanced technology than its previous PS3. It also has more storage and RAM capabilities.

It uses completely different operating system called Orbis OS. This operating system is different from android OS.

So you can’t use PS3 and PS4 with Cinema APK directly. But this does not mean you can’t use this at all. You can use Cinema APK on PS3 and PS4 by using some tricky methods.

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How to Install Cinema APK on PS4 and PS3 ?

PS4 and PS3 are mainly used for playing games. They are also supports multimedia content. So you can watch your favorites on these devices. You can play multimedia by using the following method

  • PLEX Method.

How to Install Cinema APK on PS4 and PS3 using PLEX ?

As you know you can’t directly install Cinema APK on your PS3 and PS4 devices. So you need to cast it from your android device.

For casting you need to use the services of third party application. Among these applications most recommended one is PLEX . Follow the below step by step detailed guide to install it on the device.

  • Connect your Sony PS4 or PS3 device with stable internet connection.
  • Now then connect your PS4 or PS3 device with your smart tv by using Bluetooth or cable.
  • Go to home screen and then navigate to ‘Popular’ section.
  • Search for PLEX and then install the same on it.
  • On successful installation open it and logged in by using credentials if you don’t have then create free or premium account.
  • open your smart phone and then go to play store and search for PLEX.

plex app on play store
Plex on Play Store

  • Install the same on your device.
  • Now logged in with the same credentials that are used for smart TV.

Logged in to plex

  • Make sure both your android smart phone and PS4 or PS3 devices are connected to the same network.

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Way to Download from Cinema APK on PS3/PS4 ?

You are now connected your smartphone with the PS4/PS3 device. You can also download Movies from Cinema APK and watch offline.

These Movies and TV shows are stored in your app but not in your local storage. You can also store those on your local store with the help of 3rd party app and cast it to the PS4/PS3 device.

  • Open play store and then search for Advanced download manager and install the same on your device.

advanced download manager app on play store
Advanced Download Manager

  • Now launch Cinema APK on your device.
  • Tap on the Movie or TV show that you want to download.
  • Tap on any link and choose Open With option.
  • You will see a list of options chose Advanced Download Manager.

advanced download manager on cinem a apk

  • After you select your Movie, it will start downloading and then wait for sometime to complete the download. Make sure that you have sufficient space to store Movie.

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How to watch Movies on PS4 & PS3 with Cinema APK ?

You can watch your favourite Movies and TV shows on PS3 & PS4 devices with the help of PLEX . It is used as a medium between your devices. Follow the below steps

  • Open the PLEX application on your device.
  • Tap on cast icon on top right corner.

chromecast icon on cinema apk
Plex cast icon

  • You will get a list of devices near by you.
  • Then chose the PS4 or PS3 device that you want to pair.
  • Once paired go to media and look for the Movie that you want to play.
  • Now you can see the Movie is playing on your PS4 & PS3 device.

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That’s it here we provided the detailed guide on the installation of Cinema HD APK on your PS4 & PS3 devices. The procedure is same for both devices.

If you face any difficulties in installing you can reach us by commenting below . We will reach you soon

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