Download Nova TV 1.5.7b APK For Android, Firestick/ Fire TV, PC, Smart TV

Nova TV is an android based video-on-demand application. You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows all at one location. It has huge collection of entertainment library. You can watch any range of entertainment content ranging from classic to modern.

Back in the days people are relaxing by many ways but the entertainment way is the best way to relax oneself. On the entertainment world movies are the great way to refresh oneself. On those days people are watching movies on TV using cable networks.

When the time progresses new technologies are came in the entertainment world. You can watch movie and TV shows in theatres and malls. But These technologies also changed our lives we can’t go to the malls every time we need to watch our favorites. Our busy life does not permits to go to malls every time.

Now a days people are preferring Video-On-Demand applications. They provides all the content one needs at their finger tips. You can just search what you need you will find it in search results in no time. You can watch it on move. You can watch it while travelling also.

Nova TV APK for android and Firestick

What is Nova TV ?

Nova TV APK is a Video-On-Demand application. Back in the days people prefer watching movies on TV. To watch their favorites they used cable network. With this they will watch the air streaming content. They can’t find their favorites at any time.

Later on you prefer watching movies on big screen in theatres. But nowadays going to multiplex and watching your favorites is not permitted by our lifestyle.

With advancement of technology entertainment world has evolved very much. They are many innovative ways to entertain you. One of the most innovative thing is Video-On-Demand applications.

These applications are changing the face of entertainment world. They came with all the features one need at present day. You can find many application on web. Day by day you will see new application on internet. People are preferring to watch their favorites on these application rather than watching in multiplexes.

TV with broadband connectivity now a days became quite expensive. On that you will get a lots of channels to watch but most of the time you can’t find your perfect content in these bunch of channels.

Amazon, Netflix, Hot star other applications are trending in entertainment community. In the initial days they gave free entertainment content to its users but nowadays these becoming costlier. You need to pay for subscription to watch these contents. You can try similar alternative apps also.

Nova TV APK is a free video-on-demand application. That fulfills all your entertainment needs. You no need to pay anything. It is out there in entertainment world from quite long time. It has all the cool features one needs.

It supports Real Debrid and Trakt TV and other features. With all these loved features its user base is increasing exponentially from day by day. If your the lover of movies and TV shows you should definitely need this app on your device.

It acts like search engine like google. You just search any movie or TV shows that you like . It acts just like Cinema APK .It will gather all the best quality links from internet and display to you. You can choose any resolution and souce at your own choice.

What are Nova TV Specifications ?

Nova TV APK specifications
Nova TV Specifications

Before we proceed further you need to have full understand about the specifications of the Nova TV APK and its installation specifications. By knowing all the specifications you can better understand the installation compatibility of this apk.

It will mostly compatible to all devices. You won’t find any compatible issues. Here we have mentioned all the apps and its compatible device specifications.

Size18 MB
Release Date10 Nov 2021
Official Website
Nova TV APK Specifications

Download Nova TV

What are the features of Nova TV APK ?

At first before anything one must know the cool features of the Nova TV APK. There are many applications are in entertainment world. None competes with this app because it supports all the features the you need.

Most popular video-on-demand applications are charging for content in the form of subscription. The content in all the apps are same but the user interface will make difference and the features it supports.

By knowing all the features that the app supports you can get maximum from it. Some of the features may be new but they will enhance your entertainment experience.

Nova TV APK gathers and incorporates all these features . Unlike other paid apps it offers its for free. If you are lover of movies and TV shows you should definitely try this. Before we proceeds further go through the below amazing features of Nova TV APK.

Nova TV APK features
Nova TV Features

No Registration

Unlike other applications Nova TV APK does not ask for registration. You no need to disclose your personal info such as email id, mobile number to use it. All you need to do is install and watch your favourites content. There is no restricted content that requires your personal information to unlock the content.

Default Media Player

Nova TV APK has a default player. It has in build media player on it. You no need to install any other media player. If you are familiar with other media players you can install the same and watch it. For that you need to change your default player settings.


One of the best features it supports is integration with Real-Debrid. You can integrate your Real-Debrid account with it. With this you will get all the premium links from web. It will separates the high quality trusted links from others. You can easily chose the quality link.

Trakt TV

It supports Trakt TV . You can logged into your Trakt TV using your credentials. You many use different platforms for your entertainment needs. You need to track all of your previous watched history. By logged into Trakt TV you can keep track of all of your history. By knowing the history you can plan your favorites advanced.

Free Of Cost

You no need to pay anything to use this amazing application. Other applications charges money for subscription. What others gives for cost it gives for free. You no need to add any of your credit card to use this app. There are no hidden charges to use this app.

Chrome Cast Supports

Here we came to the main feature that is chrome cast support. You no need to use any third party application to screen your device content on big screen. It has inbuild chrome cast support feature. All you need to do is find the chrome cast device and tap on it. With this feature you can watch the content on big screen with friends and families.

Auto Backup

Unlike other applications it supports auto backup feature. In other applications you will lose your data while updating to new version. But Nova TV APK supports auto backup feature with this you no need to worry about loosing your data like favorites and preferred setting while updating the app.

Light weight Version

It is light weight. It does not occupy much space on your device. You can download and install it easily. Once you installed on your device you can delete the APK file for more space.

Categorized User Interface

It has simple user interface. The content on this app is organized in a well manner. It categorized in Tv shows and Movies sections. You can easily navigates from one section to other. Unlike other applications you can’t find difficulty in finding the features its navigation is smooth.


You can add your most loved movies and TV shows to favourites section. Here we have Watchlist menu. You can add those to watchlist and watch it at your comfort time.

How to Install Nova TV APK ?

You can install Nova TV APK just like any other apk. You can’t find this app on popular stores like play store and apple store. This mean you can’t find it and install it on your device. Here we provide you the file for you. Download and install the same on your device.

On web you will find several download links but don’t click all those to download the file. Download files only from trusted sites. You can download the latest apk from this page.

Since Nova TV APK is an android application it’s installation process is same like any other application. But you need to do some changes to your device to install this amazing app on your device.

How to Install Nova TV APK
How to install Nova TV ?

How to Install Nova TV APK on Smart Phone ?

Nova TV APK is an android based application. It is mostly suitable for android based devices. These devices includes smart phone and tablets and other devices. Nowadays you can find mobile phone on every corner in the world.

You can’t imagine your life without mobile phone. It became part of our life. You can use it for almost all of your needs most importantly to refresh yourself from hectic life style. You watch entertainment content like movies and TV shows on smart phone.

You can find many applications on your mobile to watch movies but none beats Nova TV APK. If your a fan of movies you should definitely try this app on your smartphone. I bet it does’t disappoints you.

But the problem with this application is you can’t find it on play store and amazon store. You need to sideload this application on your device. For this you need to make some changes in your device to sideload the application. You need to enable unknown sources to install third party applications on your device.

You need to enable it. Follow the below steps to enable it . The same procedure is applicable for android powered Tablet devices also.

  • You need to tap on Settings >> Privacy Protection .

Privacy Protection
Privacy Protection

  • You will see app the protected settings go to Special Permission.

Special Permissions
Special Permission

  • Here you will see all the settings scroll down till you find Install Unknows APPS tap on it.

Install Unknown Sources
Install Unknown Sources

  • Then you need to enable Allow from this source. This will enables you to install the third party apps on your device. This makes device to install apps other than play store.

Allow from this source
Allow From this fource

  • Download Nova TV APK from below link.

Download Nova TV APP

  • Wait for sometime to complete the download process once done you need to go to the download location and tap on that to install the same. Once Installed on your device launch Nova APP to enjoy streaming.

Nova TV APK on android
Nova TV APK on mobile

How to Install Nova TV APK on Amazon Fire Stick/ Fire TV ?

Nowadays the entertainment world providing more innovative products to enhance the experience. You will find many products in market. One of the main is Television. Back in the days it is most popular. But to watch the content you need broadband connection.

In that you can’t watch your favorites at your comfort time. You can’t use it for another purpose. But now a revolutionary product is launched by Amazon called Amazon Fire stick or Fire TV.

These devices changed the whole entertainment community. You not only watch your movies but also acts like your customized device. You can install app on this device just like on your smartphone.

You can’t find NOVA TV APK on amazon store. It is a third party application you need to sideload the application on your device. To do this you need to change your device configuration to install the third party applications.

Device settings need to change to install it. You need to enable the unknown sources and install a Downloader app on your device. Follow the below simple steps.

  • Turn on your Fire Stick device and search for settings. Go to Settings .

Fire TV settings
Fire stick Settings

  • You will see all the settings. Find My Fire TV and tap the same.

My Fire TV
My Fire TV

  • Scroll down till you find the Developer Options.

Developer options
Developer Options

  • You will see the developer options . Here you will change the settings for your device. Now Tap on Apps From Unknown Sources.

Apps from Unknown Sources
Apps from Unknown Sources

  • It will enable the developer options. On some devices it will asks for conformation. Click on Turn On .

Turn on Unknown Sources
Turn On

  • After enabling the Apps from Unknown Sources. Go to home screen and tap on search option. Now search for Downloader. You need to type downloader using your remote.

Downloader app search
Downloader search

  • You will find Downloader in result. Many results will come but select the Downloader with orange color.

Downloader app find
Find Downloader

  • Wait till the download completes. The download time depends on file size and your internet speed.
  • Find the downloader app on your device and tap on it to open. It will work as browser to surf on internet and to download files from internet. Default it will open in home section. You need to go to browser section to browse and download.

Downloader Browser
Downloader browser

  • Now type in the browse section to download the file. You need to use your remote to type the URL.

Nova TV APK downloader
Download Nova TV APK

  • Once download completes wait for sometime to complete the installation process.
  • When the installation completes you can see the Nova TV APP on your installed apps.
  • Now open Nova TV APK to enjoy unlimited streaming.


How to use Nova TV APK ?

How to use Nova TV APK ?
How to use Nova TV ?

You have installed Nova TV APK on your device. Now you need to know how to use it on your device. You will not find difficult in finding the content. It’s user interface is simple than any other app on entertainment community.

It’s content is well organized. It is organized in movies and TV series categories. In each section you can filter the category of each content like thriller, Scientific, Romance.. etc.

  • Content is organized in TV shows and Movies.

Nova TV APK Categories
Nova TV APK Categories

  • You can filter the content in Comedy, Crime ., etc.

Nova TV APK Sections

How to use Real Debrid on your Nova TV APK ?

One of the most loved feature in Nova TV APK is integration with Real Debrid. Many of the popular applications now adding Real Debrid feature in their app. By integrating it you will enhance your movie experience.

It filters Real Debrid links with other links. It gathers all the premium links from internet. It gives all the HD movies links to you. You can use this links across multiple platforms.

Nova TV APK Real Debrid
Nova TV APK Real Debrid

  • Go to More . You can find it on top left corner on your device.

Nova TV more
Nova TV APK more

  • You will see Settings on your screen. Tap on it.

Nova TV settings
Nova TV Settings

  • Now you will see all the settings on your device. You can customize all your settings. Scroll down till you find Login to Real-Debrid. Tap on it to enter logged in screen.

Nova TV Real Debrid logged in
Nova TV Real Debrid logged in

  • Enter your logged in credentials to get premium HD quality links.

Real debrid site logged in
Real Debrid logged in site

How to Integrate Trakt TV On Nova TV APK ?

Trakt TV on Nova TV APK
Trakt TV on Nova APK

Nova TV APK supports Trakt TV feature. You are watching one movie in one application one in another. You don’t have any sync data to know which movies and TV series you have watched. Without the watched history you will watch the same movie again .

By knowing any sync method for your watched history in future you will plan your movies and TV shows accordingly. For this purpose you will have Trakt TV feature. This feature will enable you to sync the watched history on across multiple platform. You have to logged in with the same logged in credentials on different platforms.

  • Open Nova TV APK and tap on More. You can see more option on bottom right of your app. You can identify it with three dots.

Nova TV More options
Nova TV APK More

  • Now you can see all the other option for Nova TV APK. Select Settings.

Nova APK settings
Nova TV APK settings

  • Here you will see all the setting changes for this app. You can change any default settings according to your preference. Scroll down till you find Login to option. Tap on it to proceed further.

Nova TV Trakt TV
Trakt TV Logged in

  • Enter your logged in credential user name and password. Remember you need to logged in with same credentials across all your platforms to sync all your history.

Trakt TV logged in credentials
Trakt TV logged in site

How to Download Movies on Nova TV APK ?

You can watch your favourite movies offline also. For watching movies you need a strong internet connection. It provides the links to watch. It supports download feature.

To download movies you need to install third party application called Advanced Download Manager. You will find it on playstore install the same on your device. Follow the below steps to download movies.

  • Launch Nova TV APK and select your favourite movie. Tap on watch option.

watch movie on Nova TV
Nova TV APK watch

  • You will see a list of links available to watch. Tap on any link and chose the Download with Advanced Download Manager. It will start downloading on your local storage.

Nova TV Advanced Download Manager
Advanced Download Manager

How to Update latest version Nova TV APK ?

Are you still using the older version of Nova TV ? Need to update to latest version. Older versions are not compatible with your devices. You need to update to latest version to enjoy uninterrupted streaming experience.

You will get update notification on your app when they release a newer version. You can download the latest version from this page as we will give you latest versions or you can check the official Nova TV for latest updates. Download the latest version from below links

Download Nova TV APK

  • You will get update notification. Tap on update .

Nova APK update
Nova TV update

Here we provided detailed guide on the features and installation process of Nova TV APK on your device. We provided how to use and integration it with other services on this article.

Try this app on your device now if you still face any issue you can reach us through comment section. We will respond quickly and resolve the issue.

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