Download CyberFlix TV APK 3.4.0 Official Version For Android, Smart TV, FireStick

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Cyberflix TV APK

Download Cyberflix TV APK
Name Specifications
Size 20.0 MB
Version 3.4.0
Platform Android
Category Entertainment
Official Website

Looking for a free streaming application?

Burdened by heavy streaming applications subscription?

Now here comes the solution to all your problems CyberFlix TV APK.

Don’t waste any more minutes let’s dive into…

Why do You need CyberFlix TV APP?

Who hates watching movies and tv shows?

But the important thing is where, when, and how will you watch them.

Obviously, you will watch it in the theatre or wait for some time until it is streamed on TV.

But these methods do not suit the modern lifestyle.

Both I and you prefer watching movies and tv shows on Video-On-Demand applications.

As you know you can find plenty of applications on the web.

Here comes the difficult part which applications to choose? Which one best fits your entertainment needs?

Most of them are paid ones that include Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu. To use these applications you need to pay a subscription amount.

But don’t worry about it here comes the Cyberflix TV APK to your rescue. It is completely free.

Cyberflix APK offers a large entertainment library of movies and tv shows.

Here I need to mention one fact…

Cyberflix movies will be updated much earlier than its competitors including paid ones.

I personally tried this app and I will assure you that you will find all the movies and TV shows you needed in one location.

Every Movie lover should have this amazing Cyberflix mod apk on their device. I have it on my favorite app collections.

With this success, many Cyberflixtv APK alternatives came on the web. Some of them are Syncler APK, Filmplus APK, NOVA TV and VIVA TV APK.

You can easily install cyberflix apk on any android-powered device. That includes smartphones, tablets, and Smart TVs. It is multi-platform supported. You can install it on other platforms including PC with the help of android emulators.

What Are Important Features of CyberFlix TV APK?

Do you think content alone is sufficient to succeed in an application?


Its content needs to be presented in a user-friendly manner.

Cyberflix APK has adopted good features from its competitors. It has a simple and effective user interface.

It is important because no matter how much content you provide without an efficient user interface users don’t like to watch Movies on that app.

Let’s have a look at the features.

Cyberflix TV APK benefits
Cyberflix TV APK benefits

How To Install CyberFlix APK?

Don’t search for cyberflix tv apk download version on the Google play store.

It is not available yet on the play store.


You can get the official cyberflix download version from this site or the official site.

As this is a third-party app you need to download cyberflix tv apk separately and install it.

How To Install CyberFlix TV APK on Android Phone?

CyberFlix TV APK is an android powered application. You can install it on any android-powered device.

But You cant download cyberflix app version using the play store. Because you can’t find the official cyberflix tv download version on the store.

But here below you can download cyberflix tv officially from the below link.

You need to enable unknown sources from your device settings. This setting change enables your device to install third-party apps

  • Go to Settings >> Privacy Protection >> Special Permission >> Install unknown apps.
  • Turn on Allow from this source.
Turn on unknown sources
Install unknown apps

  • Download Cyberflix TV APK from the below link.

Download CyberFlix APK

  • After cyberflix app downloaded on your device then go to the download location and tap on it to install. Once installed successfully open the app on your home screen to enjoy streaming.

How To Download CyberFlix on Firestick?

Fire TV was a product from Amazon. It also releases various products into the market like Firestick, Fire TV, Fire-Lite, and many more.

Just like the Google Play store it has, it’s own Amazon store. You can find all your apps from this store.

If you search for cyberflix tv firestick version on this store you can’t find any results. Since cyberflix fire tv version is a third-party application you need to sideload this app into your Firestick device.

To sideload cyberflix for firestick you need to change settings configurations. You need to enable unknown sources on the device.

  • Go to Settings >> My Fire TV >> Developer options .
  • Enable Apps from Unknown Sources.

Enable apps from unknows sources
Apps from Unknown Sources

  • Go to the search bar and search for Downloader app and install the same. You need a browser to download cyberflix tv app.
  • After successful installation launch Downloader. You will see a lot of options on this app. By default, it will open as the home page. You need to move to the browser section to browse the page.

Dowloader app browser section
Downloader Search

  • Enter in the browser section. After entering the URL press go. Or you can just type cyberflix downloader code 635877.
  • Tap on the Download link. It will start downloading to your local storage. Wait till the completion of the download.
  • After completion of the download tap on the file to install the same on your device.
  • Open the CyberFlix TV APK on your device to watch your favorite Movies and TV shows.

How to Download Cyberflix TV for PC?

Cyberflix for PC version is not available. You can run only executable files only on a PC.


Here comes the solution in the form of android emulators.

Yes… You can install the android application on a PC using android emulators.

Popular emulators are Bluestacks and Nox Player.

Just download and install the emulators.

Now just drag and drop the Cyberflix app on the emulator.

That’s it you can now watch cyberflix online movies on windows.

How to Download Cyberflix TV IOS version?

Cyberflix tv is an android version. You can’t install it on IOS devices.

You can’t find cyberflix ios version. So don’t waste your time searching for it.


You can try some decent alternative Bobby Movie applications. It’s also called as Coto Movie.

How To use CyberFlix TV APP?

You have successfully installed CyberFlix TV app on your device.

Now you need to be familiar with the app for better use. As you know, it has a great user interface where you will find all Movies and TV shows on the home screen.

The content is organized in a well-categorized manner.

It has separate Movies and TV shows section. It even organized content in Kids, Family, Animation, Crime..etc. You can even have a search icon at the top to search quickly.

  • Content is categorized in Kids, Family, Animation ..etc.
  • Movies and TV shows are organized in separate sections.

Cyberflix tv apk home screen
Cyberflix category

How To Change Default Media Player?

CyberFlix TV APK has an in-built media player. You can also use other popular media players.

It also supports MX players and VLC media players. You can change the default player according to your preferences. But before changing to a new media player you need to install these players on your device.

  • Go to Menu. You will find the menu in the top left corner with three dashes.
  • Tap on Settings >> Choose default video player.

cyberflix tv apk default player
Cyberflix default player

How To Integrate Real Debrid with CyberFlix TV APP?

Are a User of Real Debrid? Want to integrate Real Debrid on cyberflix apk?

CyberFlix TV APP supports one of the most anticipated features called Real-Debrid. It is a paid service.

Real Debrid provides high-quality streaming links to you. It filters streaming links and gives high-quality links.

  • Go to Menu. Tap on three dashes in the top left corner.
  • Tap on Settings >> Login to Real-Debrid.
  • Enter the code displayed on the screen and press continue.
  • Put you’re registered logged-in credentials to integrate your account.

Real Debrid logged in page
Real debrid logged in page

How To use Trakt TV with CyberFlix TV APP ?

How will you keep track of all your history? You can’t do it manually. Here is the cool part it offers the Trakt TV feature.

This feature will track all of your histories. All you need to do is to register with the same logged-in credentials across multiple platforms.

  • Go to Menu >> Settings >> Login to Trakt TV.
  • Enter your Trakt TV credentials. Remember to use the same details across multiple platforms.

Trakt TV logged in page
Trakt TV

How To update cyberflix TV APP ?

Are you still using cyberflix tv apk old version on your device? Facing some issues with older versions? You need to update to the latest version of cyberflix for smooth streaming.

You can check the cyberflix official site for the latest version or you can check our site.

We will update you with the latest versions when there is a release. You will pop up a notification on the app when there is a cyberflix update version.

Download Cyberflix tv apk
Download Cyberflix TV APK

Cyberflix tv apk update
Cyberflix TV APP update

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQ ]?

Yes. It is free.
You can download the updated version from here. Or you can update directly from settings.
No. It's working fine with the latest version.
Follow the step by step guide of the firestick.


Here we provided all the information from specifications to the installation of Cyberflix TV APK. You should try to install the same on your device.

If you face any challenges please leave a comment below we will do our best to resolve the issue

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