Cinema APK with Trakt TV

Cinema APK is one of the great places to watch all your favorite entertainment content. It has all the movies and TV shows. Its content will update regularly. You can even watch the latest movies and TV shows much earlier than other apps.

One may have many entertainment app accounts like Netflix, Amazon and among others. These apps are not sync with each other. You don’t have all the history of your watched movies. You can sync all of your movies history by login into Trakt TV. It will suggest content based on your previous watch history. Most of the entertainment applications support this feature.

Cinema APK with Trakt TV

How to Log In Trakt TV with Cinema APK?

Cinema APK supports Trakt TV. You can integrate your watch list with Cinema APK by integrating Trakt TV with it. Follow the below simple steps

  • Go to menu.


  • Tap on Settings.


  • Select Account.


  • Tap on Login to Trakt TV.

Trakt TV

  • Enter the Login Credentials.

  • That’s it you can see you are connected with Trakt TV .

Here we provided detailed guide on how you can integrate all your watching history by using Trakt TV with Cinema APK. Its works on all platforms. If you still face any issues leave comment below we will reach you soon.

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