Cinema APK Real Debrid Not working Fix [Updated 2022]

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Cinema HD APK is one of the best video on demand application. So You can find all your favorite movies and TV shows at one location. It has many cool features that everyone needs. One of the cool feature is integration with Real Debrid. But due to some issues cinema apk on real debrid not working properly.

Real Debrid will work as a downloader. So It gathers all the available links on internet. but These links are from high authoritative sources and they are HD quality links. Cinema APK also provide many links for you. It’s difficult for you to select the high quality link. But by integrating with real debrid you can filter the high quality links.

As the Cinema HD APK community grows exponentially every day. So it’s getting new issues. But don’t worry we provide you the fixes for the issues. Cinema APK has released latest version recently so many issues will fix with that updates. As per its change logs its program has changed on how it gathers high quality links on web.But On latest version cinema apk real debrid not working properly

cinema apk issues
Cinema APK Issues

What is Real Debrid ?

Real Debrid is an unrestricted downloader that allows you to download files and stream links at your internet speed. So It brings high quality links from all over web. You can stream it without buffering. So You can login to real debrid account and integrate it on the app for quality links.

cinema apk with real debrid
Cinema HD with Real Debrid

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What is Cinema HD APK Real Debrid Issue ?

cinema apk real debrid issue
Real Debrid Issue

Real debrid updates its algorithms regularly to improve its user experience. So Recently it updated one of its programs. They are refraining to mention its name. But according to sources it doubles the overall traffic for every link it gathers on web. Therefore it doubles the overall traffic. They referred it as “DDoS” attack.

This attack affected many applications that are using Real Debrid including our popular Real Debrid. Cinema HD has “Auto Resolve” feature. But By default it is enabled. It gathers all the links on web. Therefore for every link it finds on web it go for toss. So the traffic gets doubled every time.

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What is the Solution for cinema apk real debrid not working ?

But don’t worry here we are provided unique solution to the cinema apk Real Debrid not working problem. By following the below methods you can get rid of the issue  

Method 1 : Turn off Resolve Premium Links

You need to Turn off Resolve Premium Links option. By enabling this feature you will not get flooded with many request. So It will not get doubled with every link it finds on web.

  • Go to Menu.

cinema apk main menu
Cinema APK Menu

  • Then Go to Settings.

cinema apk settings
Cinema APK Settings

  • Tap on Accounts.

cinema apk account settings
Cinema APK Accounts

  • Then Turn on Turn Off Resolve Premium Links.

cinema apk turn off resolve premium links
Cinema APK Premium Links

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Method 2 : Update Cinema HD APK

The older versions will face bugs. So They are no longer supported by server. So You need to update to latest version of Cinema APK. You can update it from your older version or you can download it from our site or you can visit official site here..

  • Go to Menu >> New Update available !!!.

cinema apk new update available
Cinema APK Update

Download Cinema APK

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Method 3 : Install VPN

Your region may restrict the use of Cinema APK you need to use the trusted VPN network. So The VPN connection will bypass the network to access hassle free content

cinema apk vpn connection
Cinema APK VPN connectivity

Method 4 : Unpair Real Debrid and Re-pair again

You need to unpair all the devices that are logged in to Real Debrid account. logged into many devices can cause the Real Debrid to function improperly.

  • Log off Real Debrid from all of your devices.
  • Then Close Cinema APK and restart the device.
  • Relaunch Cinema APK and then logged in to Real Debrid account.

Cinema APK

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Here we provided the fix for Real Debrid issue with Cinema APK. We also provided different unique method to resolve the issue. So You can try all of them. If you face any issue you can leave a comment below we will reach you soon.

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