Cinema APK on Firestick / TV [updated 2022]

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Cinema HD APK on Firestick

Download Cinema APK

Download Cinema APK on Amazon Firestick. Cinema APK offers unlimited Movies and TV shows for free . Cinema APK on firestick gives you access to unlimited entertainment content.

Amazon Fire TV is developed by Amazon. It works just like Android TV. Like Google play store it has its own Amazon play store. On this store you can find any application .

Cinema APK is a video-on-demand application. On demand it offers free entertainment content. It has large entertainment library. It’s content ranging from old classic to modern scientific.

It is gaining popularity in entertainment community for its features and latest content that includes Movies and TV shows.

As Cinema APK is an android application you can also install it on your android smartphone.

With this huge success there are many clones of Cinema APK released in market. Some of them are Bee TV, Tea TV, CUCO TV and VIVA TV . These applications also offers free content and they are try worthy.

How To Download Cinema APK on Firestick?

Since Cinema APK is not available officially you can’t find it on Amazon store. You need to sideload the application.

First you need to download third party application then by using these apps you can download Cinema HD APK on firestick. You can install it by using below methods

  • Downloader
  • ES File Explorer.

Before proceeding to installation procedure you need to change device settings. Since Cinema APK for Firestick is not available on Amazon store you need to configure the device to allow it to install third party applications.

You need to enable unknown sources. Follow the below steps to enable unknown sources.

  • Go to Settings >> My Fire TV >> Developer options .
  • Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources.

firestick apps from unknown sources
Apps from unknown sources

  • If asks for confirmation tap on Turn on.

Method 1 : How to Install Cinema APK on Firestick using Downloader?

Downloader is an application which is used to download the third party applications. It is the most recommended application for downloading any app . Follow the below steps to install Cinema APK on firestick.

  • On home screen go to Search then search for Downloader and Install it.
  • Launch Downloader then go to Browser section.

downloader app home screen
Cinema APK Downloader

  • Type URL :
  • Cinema APK will start downloading. Wait for sometime to complete the downloading.
  • Once downloads completes it automatically asks for installation. Then tap on Install.

installing cinema apk on firestick
Cinema APK Install

  • Since Firestick has limited storage after installation of Cinema APK it will ask for deletion of Cinema APK file. Tap on Delete.
  • It again asks for confirmation then confirm the Delete.
  • After installation go to home screen tap on Cinema APK to enjoy streaming.

cinema apk on firestick
Cinema APK on firestick

Method 2 : How To Install Cinema APK on Firestick/TV using Es File Explorer?

Es File Explorer is a file managing application. This application is used to manage the device storage effectively. It also used to download the applications.

It works just like downloader application . Follow the below installation steps

  • Go to home screen and search for Es File Explorer and install it.
  • Launch Es File Explorer then tap on Downloader .

Es File Explorer Downloader

  • Tap on +New button at the bottom to add the downloading link.

Es File explorer New Tab

  • Here one window will popup and then it will ask for a path to download and a name to save. Type and give name as Cinema APK. Once done tap on Download Now. Then It will start downloading.

Es File Explorer Download Now

  • Once download completes tap on Install. Then it will start installing the same on your device.
  • Go to home screen launch Cinema APK to enjoy streaming.

How To use Real Debrid on Cinema APK for Firestick ?

Real Debrid is a paid service. Cinema HD APK on Firestick supports Real Debrid feature. It gets high quality video links from web.

Some old versions faces real debrid issues and other Cinema APK issues. To avoid these issues you need to use the latest Cinema APK version

  • Go to Menu >> Settings >> Account >> Login to Real Debrid .

real debrid code
Logged in code

  • Enter the code that displayed on device. And then enter your user name and password of Real Debrid account.
  • You are now logged into your Real Debrid account.

Real Debrid logged in

How To use Trakt TV on Cinema APK for Firestick ?

Trakt TV feature helps in gathering all the watched Movies and TV shows history at one location. Cinema HD APK supports Trakt TV feature.

Trakt TV stores all the Movies history from different platforms. It helps you organize your Movie time. Follow the below steps

  • Go to Menu >> Settings >> Account >> Login to Trakt TV.
  • Enter the Login Credentials. Now you are sync Trakt TV account with Cinema HD.

trakt tv logged in page
Logged into Trakt TV

How To use MX Player for Cinema APK on Firestick ?

Cinema APK supports external Movie players . Are you familiar with MX player. You can watch your favourites using MX player on Cinema APK.

First you have to install MX player on your device. Follow the below simple steps to integrate MX player on your device.

  • Go to Menu >> Settings >> General >> Choose default player.
  • Select MX player. Then watch your favorite content on MX player.

cinema apk default player change
Choose MX Player

How To use Cinema HD with Subtitles on Firestick ?

Daily there are many Movies and TV shows releasing worldwide. But some of them are not in your native language. So it is difficult to understand the content on other languages .

Cinema APK supports 200+ subtitles for you. So you can download any language subtitles of your choice and watch it with your favourites. Follow the below steps

  • Play your favorite content.
  • Tap on top right subtitles option.

playing movie on cinema apk
Cinema APK with Subtitles

  • Select the subtitle as per your wish. But recommended is most downloaded subtitle file.

How To update Cinema APK on Firestick ?

Cinema HD APK will release latest versions frequently. These updated versions will fix many bugs and comes with many added features.

Older versions many not work properly. If you need to enjoy the seamless entertainment experience you need to update to latest version. Follow the below methods to update Cinema HD APK on Firestick.

Method 1 : Install Latest Cinema HD APK

It is the simple method to get latest Cinema APK version on your firestick. All you need to do is uninstall the older version then install the latest one. Here below we provided the link to download the latest version.

Download Cinema APK

Method 2 : Update Latest Cinema HD APK From Settings

You can also update to new version directly from older version. Whenever they release a new version you will get notification on your device.

You simply need to tap on new version to update. Follow the below steps

  • Go to Menu >> New update available !!!.
  • Tap on Install.

Install cinema apk latest version
Cinema APK Install


Here we provided detailed guide on how to download and install Cinema APK on Fire Stick/TV by using Downloader app and Es File Explorer.

We also explored various features of Cinema HD APK. It is a try worthy application. After you start using this application you won’t look for another one.

If you still face any Cinema APK issue you can reach us through Contact Us page or leave comment. We will do our best to help you

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