Cinema APK Server error No Links / No data Links, Fix[Updated 2022]

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cinema apk issues
Cinema APK issues

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Cinema APK is a streaming application. It offers a lot of Movies and TV shows for free. Cinema APK server error is common error.

Like many other applications Cinema HD APK has some bugs. It is not completely bug free. These errors will disturb your entertainment time. But Most of the these issues are common in nature.

Cinema HD APK No Links/ No Data Links Issues [Fix]

Most users faces No Links issue frequently. So it is the most common issue faced by many users. But it will be resolved by the following methods.

Method 1 : Clear Cache

When you use Cinema HD APK some data will be stored in the form of cache. Whenever you relaunch the application it will load the previous data. It won’t connect to present network. So you need to delete the cache data.

  • Go to Settings >> Apps>>Manage apps >> Cinema HD >> Clear data.

cinema apk clear data
Cinema APK clear cache

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Method 2 : Update Cinema HD APK

The older versions are not updated with latest fixes. It also won’t gather latest links on web. So you need to update to latest version

  • Go to Menu >> New Update available !!!.

cinema apk new update available
Cinema HD update

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Method 3 : Use VPN

This is due to your region may restrict the streaming of some content. By restricting the content you won’t get any streaming links. So you need to use VPN network to bypass the restrictions. But use only authoritative VPN network.

Method 4 : Check Network Connectivity

You also need high internet connectivity to load high streaming links. So check your internet connectivity by opening any other application. If other apps are running successfully then change your internet connectivity to other wifi / Mobile data.

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How To Fix Cinema APK Server Error Issue

It has gaining popularity exponentially. But due to heavy load the server will respond slowly. You can try after sometime . Follow the below common solutions

Method 1 : Force stop Cinema APK

When your device overloaded with applications these applications won’t perform as expected. So you need to force stop the app and relaunch the app

  • Go to Settings >> Apps >> Manage Apps >> Cinema HD v2 >> Force stop.

cinema apk force stop
Cinema APK Force stop

Method 2 : Install VPN

Your region may restrict the streaming content. In order to experience uninterrupted streaming content you need to bypass the restrictions. So you need to use the VPN service. But Install only authoritative VPN

Method 3 : Check Network Connectivity

You also need to use proper and high speed internet connectivity. Cinema APK gathers high quality streaming links on web. So to stream those you need to have good network connectivity.

Method 4 : Update Cinema APK

You need to have latest version running on your device. Some older versions will not gather the links as latest versions.

cinema apk new update available
Cinema APK update

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Here we provided detailed guide on how to fix to Cinema APK issues. If you still faces any issue you can reach us through comment section. We will reach you soon

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