Download Cinema HD APK for Android, IOS, Firestick & PC [Official 2022]

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Cinema APK

Download Cinema APK

App NameCinema APK
Versionv2.4.0 & v2.4 Beta
APK Size35.4 MB
Min RequirementAndroid 5.0
200 MB Space
Updated DateAugust 2021
DeveloperCinema HD |

Cinema APK is a streaming application. It offers Movies and TV shows for free. It also has large content library.

This content also ranges from old classic to modern scientific Movies. As this is an android application you can also download Cinema APK on your devices.

Nowadays Video-On-Demand applications are trending. Because they offers any Movie on demand whenever and wherever you want.

There are many applications in the market but the tricky is which one to choose. You can also try any application. But I bet none of the application will match with Cinema APK.

Because of its unique features and huge content Cinema HD APK is gaining popularity exponentially. Because of huge user community you will get help for any issue quickly.

Due to its massive success. There are also many alternatives to cinema apk on web. You can also try Cyberflix TV, Bee TV, Nova TV APK as these applications also offers good amount of entertainment content.

But due to compatibility and bug issues some old and new version will not work properly. Here we also provided all the versions of Cinema HD APK. You can use any version.

Download Cinema HD APK on Android, Firestick , PC & Laptop

Cinema APK will update frequently. So these updated versions comes with many fixes. but sometimes these updated versions will not fit into your device.

Then in that case better to use previous version. So here we also provided all the previous and latest Cinema HD APK versions. You can also check the official site here for latest version.

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Download Cinema HD APK v2.4.0 APK [LATEST] :

Download Cinema APK

Download Cinema APK v2.4 BETA Analytics [LATEST] :

Download Cinema APK

Download cinema APK v2 Updates [Older versions] :

Cinema HD APK v2.4.0 Cinema HD v2.4.0 Download
Cinema HD APK v2.4.0 BETA Cinema HD v2.4.0 BETA Download
Cinema HD APK v2.3.7.3Cinema HD v2.3.7.3 Download
Cinema HD APK v2.3.7.3 BETACinema HD v2.3.7.3 BETA Download
Cinema HD APK v2.3.6.1 BETACinema HD v2.3.6.1 BETA Download

Attention to BETA installers :

  • But Do not uninstall your current version because any issues in beta does not affect you.
  • This BETA version also has many bugs because of this some functions may not work properly.
  • This is not mandatory. But It’s a voluntary installation to help the developers to improve the quality of service.
  • You won’t lost either your download content or settings on your original version because BETA version will install separately.

Changelog of Cinema APK v2.4.0 (Aug 4, 2021) :

  • Adding more categories including Trakt’s featured lists also fixed many providers.
  • User experience also increased because they fixed many Providers.
change logs of cinema apk 2.4.0

Changelog of Cinema APK v2.4.0 BETA Analytics :

change logs of cinema apk 2.4.0

Changelog of Cinema APK v2.3.7.3 :

  • Season pack also supports Real Debrid, AllDebrid, Premiumize (Long press a season to Enter season pack screen).
  • Also fixed many providers so you will get uninterrupted content.

Changelog of Cinema APK v2.3.7.3 BETA Analytics :

  • Trakt issue also fixed.
  • It also improved quality links.

Changelog of Cinema APK v2.3.6.1 :

  • Backup & Restore issue also fixed. So you will not lose any data after updating to latest version.
  • It also fixed many providers.


Here we have provided all the versions of Cinema HD APK. These also includes both previous and latest versions.

If you still face any issue with latest version you need to switch back to previous working version and vice versa. Still if you face any issue you can reach us through comment section we will help our best.

Thank You !

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