Download Bee TV APK v2.9.6 Official latest version for Android, Smart Phone, Fire TV/Fire Stick

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Bee TV APK is an android based video-on-demand application. It offers a lot of both Movies and TV shows for free. It also offers all the content in high definition quality. No need to register or subscribe to use any services of this app. You can download bee tv apk on your mobile device.

World is changing so fast than the time. So People preferences are changing from day by day. Their life is running faster than time. They prefers to relax for sometime between their busy scheduled time. So There are many ways to relax themselves. Some plays games, some went on vacation and many other things.

One of the best and cheapest and most effective way of relaxing is watching both Movies and TV shows. The prefered people for this entertainment are raising day by day. Because this does not require a lot amount to spend and you no need to travel to other places to spend time. You can enjoy both Movies and TV shows at your prefered time and location.

You can use Bee TV APk across multiple platforms. Although it is an android based application it is compatible with many other platforms. So You can install it on any device that is powered by android be it smartphone, tablet. You can also install it on PC, Windows, Mac devices also with the help of an android emulators. But You can also try similar app Cinema HD. It is like closed app to Bee TV.

bee tv apk

Why You need Bee TV APK ?

Nowadays people preferences changed a lot. So They are not preferred to watch movies and tv shows on theatre. But They are also not even wait to watch their favorites on TV. So They need to watch movies at their comfort time between their busy schedules.

Video-On-Demand applications are storming the entertainment community. They are also occupying maximum amount of share in entertainment world. Because of this crazy demand many new applications are released in the market.

Most of these applications are paid ones. So You need to pay to watch in these applications. But They are worth for the money. They have lot of entertainment media content in their library. But their premium subscription prices are not constant they are raising the price year on year.

You need to pay all the bills in a month including the subscription bill. But It is not possible to pay all these amount for you. So you need some robust app that caters all your needs for free. You no need to pay anything to use the services.

You will find a lot of such free media entertainment applications on internet. But very few gained user trust with their quality of media content. One of such popular video-on-demand application is Bee TV APK. It is one stop solution for all your entertainment needs.

Bee TV APK is in market from long time. It has lot of multimedia content including both movies and TV shows. It requires no subscription all the content in this is free. So No registration required. Your personal information is not required to use this app.

There are many cloned apps are released based on this popularity. One of such clone is Nova TV. These applications are also offers media in high definition in quality. It includes 720P ,1080P, 4K quality also.

If you are a lover of both movies and TV shows and wants to explore the entertainment world you definitely should have this app on your collection. It is such a unique app that you can’t compare it with any other app.

What are the specifications of Bee TV APK ?

bee tv apk specifications
Bee TV APK specifications

Every application has its own specifications. So These specifications tells us about the app and its installation capabilities. By knowing these specifications you will make smart decision in which platforms you can install this app.

You can install this app on across not only on android platforms but also on multiple platforms by changing little modifications. Following table gives you brief knowledge about the app.

Name Bee TV
Type APK
Platform Android
Size 20.5 MB
Compatibility Android 5 and above
Community Entertainment
Bee TV APK specifications

Download Bee TV APK

What are popular features of Bee TV APK ?

To succeed a application in entertainment community it needs to be accepted by users. So They need to enjoy the presence of this app. These apps something special they need to have compared to others in order to survive in the community.

Features plays a major role in the success. Bee TV APK has the cool features compared to its competitors such as Cyberflix APK. These feature also enhances user entertainment experience.

Here developers are implemented minimal features but effective ones. They are not loaded fully with unused and useless features. Following we are discussed most used features of this app.

bee tv apk features
Bee TV APK features

No Registration

It doesn’t require any sign-up or registration to use. So You no need to provide any of your details. Your personal details like mobile number ,email and address not required. So Just install it and watch multimedia.

Offline Content

You can download both movies and tv shows for offline use. It is useful when there is poor connectivity. So This will avoid buffering issues. The content will be stored in your local storage location. But You need to have sufficient storage to use this feature.

Default Media Player

It also comes with default media player. It is inbuild player. You can change the default player setting also. It also supports external players. You can use your friendly players such as MX payer and VLC player. To use this external players you need to install these apps on your device.

No Subscription

Most of the Video-On-Demand applications are paid ones. So You need to pay to use the services of this apps. You can also use Bee TV for free. There is no restriction on usage of the content. So You are not required to provide any payment details.

Light weight

It doesn’t occupy much space on your device space. It is light weight. So You can uninstall the apk file after installing it on your device.

High Quality Content

Quality of content it provides is the main feature that made it popular in entertainment world. You will also find high quality links like 720p,1080p and 4K quality content. Most of the both movies and TV shows it offers is high quality media only.

Read Debrid

Read Debrid feature is most anticipate feature in the multimedia community. It also provides quality links for you. But You won’t satisfy without quality. So Quality content enhances user experience a lot.

Trakt TV

You can sync all of your watched both movies and tv shows history at one location. Trakt TV will sync it for you. But You need to use the same credentials at all the locations. This will also help you planning on your entertainment schedule.

Auto Back Up

Retention of your settings after updating to latest version is difficult on many apps. But It supports the auto back up feature. So You can get all of your settings even after updating to latest version.

How to install Bee TV APK ?

Bee TV APK is an android powered application. So You can install this app across multiple platforms. The installation process is simple just like any other third party application.

But You can’t find the app on popular stores. So You need to download the apk and side load it to the device and install. As this is third party app from unknown source you need to enable special permission on your device to install the same.

You can install it on popular devices such as smart TV and Amazon fire stick. You definitely need to have this app on your entertainment collection.

how to install bee tv apk
How to install Bee TV APK ?

How to install Bee TV APK on android smartphone ?

Smartphone became part of our life. You can use it for multipurpose. So Nowadays you can’t start you day without smart phone. You can spend you leisure time with your mobile phone.

You can install multiple entertainment apps on your device. But every app is paid one. So You can install free Bee TV app for entertainment purpose. But This app is not found on Google play store. You need to download from third party sources.

As this app is third party app you need to side load into the device. So You need to change the settings to allow the device to install the third party apps. You also need to enable unknown sources in your smartphone.

  • Go to Settings >> Privacy Protection >> Special Permission >> Install Unknown apps >> Allow from this source. But This settings may differs slightly from device to device.

install unknown apps
Install unknown sources

  • Download the Bee TV APK from below link.

Download Bee TV APK

  • Now go to the download location and then tap on Install.

install bee tv apk
Install Bee TV

  • After completion of installation tap on the Bee TV icon on desktop to watch movies.

bee tv apk on mobile home screen
Bee TV on Desktop

How to Install Bee TV APK on Amazon Fire TV ?

Both Movies and TV shows are great way to relax from your busy hectic lifestyle. You can also watch them on theatres and TV. One of the innovation is Firestick/ Fire TV.

Amazon has released Fire TV in the market. Now it became one of the first choice for the people who want to watch movies in big screen. Like Google play store it has also its own store called Amazon store. You can also install any app from this store.

Bee TV is android application. You can also download bee tv apk on your fire device. But the tricky part is you can’t find it on your amazon store. So You need to sideload to your device and install. But You can sideload through USB file transfer or download file directly using browser.

So You may have many apps that fulfills your entertainment needs. But all those apps are paid ones. You need to pay premium to watch the content. This one is free of cost. Every movie lovers should have this app on their device.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on My Fire TV.

My Fire TV

  • Choose Developer options.

Developer options

  • Enable Apps from unknown Sources. This feature is off by default you need to enable manually.

Apps from Unknown Sources

  • If asks conformation from user tap on Turn On.

Turn On

  • Then go to search bar and search for Downloader. It acts like browser to browse and download files from internet.

Downloader Search

  • Download Downloader. It will appear as orange color icon.


  • After downloading launch downloader from apps. By default it open home page. Tap on browser section to download Bee TV APK.

Downloader search

  • Type to download the app.

Downloader Keypad

  • Wait till the completion of download.
  • Go to the download location and tap on it to install.
  • Once installation completes go to apps and open Bee tv apk to enjoy streaming.

Bee TV Home Screen

How to use Bee TV APK ?

Bee TV has simple user interface. It’s content is organized systematically. You can filter the content by Movies and TV shows. It provides search option at the top you can search and find any movie by typing so without scrolling multiple pages.

Year by Year filter also available to search. You can filter content by any year. Its interface is most similar to any other paid app.

  • Content organized by Movies and Tv shows.

Movies & TV shows

  • Filter content by year of release.

Content by year

How to Integrate Real Debrid in Bee TV APK ?

Bee TV Real Debrid

Are you Real-Dedrid user ? Want’s to integrate your real debrid account with Bee TV. The app supports real debrid integration. You can enjoy the advantages of this feature on Bee TV.

Real Debrid is a paid service. You need to pay for subscription to use this service. You can use this credentials across multiple apps. It provides high quality videos to its subscribers. You can easily identify real debrid links with their color .

  • Go to Menu. Tap on three dashes on top left corner.

Bee TV Menu

  • Tap on settings.

Bee TV settings

  • Under Account section select Login to Real-Debrid.

Login to Real-Debrid

  • Enter the code on the screen.

Real Debrid code

  • Type your login credentials to use real debrid services.

Real Debrid

How to integrate Trakt TV in Bee TV APK?

Nowadays many of you are using multiple apps to fulfill your entertainment needs. You will not remember which movie or TV series you watch at all time. You need to have some history to track all history.

Trakt TV is a feature supported by this app. It tracks all of your history at one location. It gathers all the history of movies and tv series that are watched by across different platforms. You need to logged in your trakt tv account in this app. Remember you need to log in with same credentials across multiple platforms.

Bee TV Trakt TV

  • Tap on Menu. You can find it on top left.

Bee TV Menu

  • Go to settings.

Bee TV settings

  • In accounts settings tap on Login to Trakt TV.

Login to Trakt tv

  • Now type your Trakt TV user id and password.

Logged in Trakt TV

How to download movies in Bee TV APK ?

Bee TV apk supports offline content. You can download movies and TV series and watch them offline. You can download movies on your local storage and watch it later when you are free. Offline content helps you watching movies without buffering.

You need to have sufficient local storage to download the movies and tv shows. You will find different size of content you can download according to your internet connectivity and data availability.

  • Open your favourite movies or tv shows and tap on download.

Watch Now

  • Now tap on any link and choose Download with ADM or Download with One Downloader.

Download with One Downloader

How to update latest version of Bee TV APK?

Are you facing issues with your older versions? Need to get latest version. Sometimes You will face many issues with your older versions like broken links and app crash errors.

It will give latest version updates on your home screen. So You can download latest version from the update. You can also download the latest version from below download link. We will provide latest versions from here. We will provide latest versions from this page.

Download Bee TV

Here we provided detailed guide on the installation of Bee TV app on multiple platforms. We provide the detailed guide on the different features and usage of this app. You can install the same on your device. If you face any issue on the installation you can reach us through comments. We will reach you soon.

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