Cinema HD Crashing, Subtitles Errors, Buffering, Playback Failed Error [updated 2022]

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cinema apk issues
Cinema HD Errors

Download Cinema HD APK

Cinema HD not working on your device? facing Cinema APK issues. Don’t worry we are providing fixes to all Cinema HD v2 errors.

Errors are common in nature. Cinema HD APK not completely error free. Like many other applications it also has some issues.

Each user faces different issue. Sometimes unfortunately Cinema HD v2 will stops due to many reasons. We have researched and found fixes to Cinema HD v2 not working issues.

Here we tried many methods and provided the best working methods to fix Cinema APK issues. Follow the below detailed error fixing guides

Cinema HD Download and Installation Error [Fix].

This is the most common Cinema APK issue faced by new users. Since Cinema HD v2 is not available on play store you need to sideload it from external source. To sideload you need to make some changes on your device. Follow the below methods

cinema apk error
Cinema HD not installed

Method 1 : Enable Unknown Sources.

  • For Android users go to Settings >> Privacy Protection >> Special permission >> Install unknown apps.

enable unknown sources
Enable Unknown sources

  • For Fire TV users go to My Fire TV >> Developer options >> ADB Debugging >> Apps from Unknown Sources.

Apps from Unknown Sources

Method 2 : Clear device storage for Cinema HD.

  • Sometimes your device does not have sufficient space for Cinema HD APK. You need to clear your unwanted apps and files from your device. Once you have sufficient space do the installation process again.

Method 3 : Download Official Latest Cinema HD APK version.

You need to download official latest Cinema HD APK. There are many fake sites that provides morphed Cinema HD app. It looks like same as official. Recommended to download official version from the below link

Download Cinema HD

Cinema HD APK Crashing [Fix].

Sometimes when you are watching your favorite content or try to launch Cinema APK it will frequently gets crashed. Most of the users faces this Cinema APK issue. Follow the below methods to fix it

Method 1 : Change the Cinema HD version

It may be due to compatibility issue with your device and Cinema HD version. If you are using older version that contains bugs then immediately update it to latest version.

But if you are using latest version that keeps on crashing then downgrade it to lower version. Because your device might not compatible with latest version.

cinema apk new update available
Cinema HD Update

Check out :

Method 2 : Force stop Cinema HD APK

Your device or Cinema APK hanged due to over usage. Your apps will not perform well as expected. Cinema HD V2 also face this issue. You need to force stop the app. Then again restart the device

  • Go to Settings >> Apps >> Manage Apps >> Cinema HD v2 >> Force stop.

cinema apk clear data
Cinema HD Force stop

Method 3 : Change network Connectivity

Most of the internet ISPs restrict their connectivity. Due to connectivity issue the links will broke frequently and the apps will crash frequently. To avoid this use another available internet connection

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Cinema HD APK Black Screen and Grey Screen [Fix]

Cinema HD users faces black screen or grey screen issue due to technical or content issue. Follow the below methods to fix Cinema APK issues

Method 1 : Update to Latest Cinema HD version.

Cinema HD older versions will not perform well. They will not fetch the latest streaming links. Older versions may have broken links. You need to get latest version

  • Go to Menu >> New Update available !!!.

Cinema HD update

Method 2 : Clear Cinema HD APK cache.

Cinema HD will store some data. It stored in cache form. When you launch the app it will load cache data. Clear the cache data and launch the app again.

  • Go to Settings >> Apps>>Manage apps >> Cinema HD >> Clear data.

Cinema HD clear cache data

Method 3 : Allow Permission to Cinema HD

You need to give required permissions to Cinema HD APP. Without proper permissions Cinema HD won’t perform as expected.

  • Go to Settings >> Apps >> Manage apps >> Cinema HD >> App permissions.

Cinema HD permissions

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Cinema HD Playback Failed[Fix]

Method 1: Clear Cache Data

When you are using any application some data will be stored in the form of cache. It will load when you relaunch the app. It may possible that Cinema APK won’t fetch updated links . You need to clear the cache data

  • Go to Settings>> Apps>>Manage apps >> Cinema HD >> Clear data .
Cinema HD clear cache

Method 2: Disable Auto Play

Cinema HD offers auto play feature to its users. If you enable auto play it will pick the link and play automatically without manual intervention. It may be possible that it picks wrong link or broken link and eventually it will not play. Disable the auto play option

  • Go to Menu >> Settings >> Auto Play.

Cinema HD auto play

Method 3: Change the Streaming link

You will get all the available links from online to stream the content. Sometimes it may fetch wrong links. You may choose wrong link to play. You need to change the streaming link.

Unfortunately Cinema HD v2 Has Stopped Working [Fix]

Cinema HD v2 has some issues. One of the issue is it will stop working while watching your favorite content.

Method 1 : Restart the device

Due to overheat of your device your Cinema HD v2 may be stopped from streaming. You need to close the app and relaunch it again. If the issue still persists better restart the device and relaunch the Cinema HD v2 again.

Method 2 : Check Internet Connectivity

Check Your Internet connectivity once. Cinema HD V2 needs strong internet connectivity. With poor internet Cinema HD won’t work and even stops from working. Try opening other apps with the same connectivity. If the issue still present change the internet connection .

Method 3 : Check VPN Connectivity.

Some countries will put restrictions on internet usage. In order to avoid this use a VPN connection. It will mask your identity and connect to other country, Preferred country is United States. Use trusted VPN connections to get uninterrupted services.

Cinema HD Subtitles Not Working [Fix]

Are you prefer watching your favorite Movies and TV shows with subtitles ? without that you will not get full entertainment experience.

You can download the subtitles language you like and watch it with your favorite Movies. But sometimes you won’t find the subtitle on Cinema HD , So you need to download and place that titles file on Cinema HD app.

For this you can use any file explorer but preferred is ES File explorer to place subtitles on Cinema HD folder. Then you need to open Cinema HD folder then open Subtitles folder then delete all the previous files. Place the subtitles file that you download on it.

Cinema HD subtitles

Useful Guide :

Cinema HD buffering [Fix]

Sometimes Cinema APK keeps buffering. It will take lot of time to load the content. These Cinema HD buffering issues will make you loose interest on Movies.

Method 1 : Check internet connection

One of the main reason for Cinema HD buffering issues is poor internet connectivity. You need to have good internet connectivity.

Method 2 : Install VPN

Some counties will restrict the content on internet. With these restrictions you will face buffering issue. You need to use a VPN connection to by pass the restrictions.

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Here we provided different methods to solve various Cinema APK issues. We provided fixes to buffering and crashing and subtitles and for various issues. If you still faces any other issues you can comment below we will reach you soon.

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